Board Certified Family Medicine Practitioner

Proudly Serving Lake Havasu City For 35+ Years

Family Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey Carls is a family medicine practice physician with 35+ years of experience from wellness to acute care.

Cutting Edge

Dr. Carls retains his board certified status to keep up on the latest in medical advancements. This helps helps to ensure he is giving you the best medical care possible.

Stress Relief

Dr. Carls understands that coming in to the office can be stressful, and takes the time to answer all your questions.

Personal Care

From wellness to acute care, Dr. Carls provides the best treatment for every member your family.

What is Family Medicine?

What is Family Medicine?  Family medicine is a broad specialty in the medical field.  As a practitioner in this field, Dr. Jeffrey Carls is a board-certified family medicine practice physician.  He specializes in providing professional medical services for your whole family from infancy to old age.

Some of the services Dr. Carls offers includes checkups, preventative medicine, emergency visits, and acute medical care.

Dr. Carls, what an artist and perfectionist who really cares how you look and feel!!

-Terri Lawrence

Dr. Carls has a great way of putting you at ease.

-Dawne Meckel

Absolutely the most compassionate and professional team one could ever ask for.

-Ann Reed

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Insurance Do You Accept

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We except all major insurances including medicare and access.

Family Practice Services Offered

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Dr. Carls has practiced family medicine for over 35+ years and counting.  He specializes in health and wellness for all ages and offers many meical treatments to include:


  • X ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Vaccines
  • Colonoscopies
  • Emergency Visits

What Should I Bring To My Office Visit

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To make the most of your visit, you need to bring:

  • Completed any forms we've sent to you in advance
  • Insurance information for the patient
  • List of current medications the patient is taking
  • Documentation from any recent emergency room visits
  • Past 2 years of medical records

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 Jeffrey Carls, MD is a Family Medicine Practitioner in Lake Havasu City for the past 35+ years.   His goal is to provide the best healthcare possible to his community, one patient at a time.

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